The workshops at the Pennsylvania Center for Photography are a bit different – for a reason. We hold the firm believe that anybody can click a shutter, but that unlimited creative opportunities abound for those who take the time to learn the essential elements of photography as both a science and an art. We teach the technical aspects of photography not as ends unto themselves, but rather as the tools needed to realize your unique vision of the world. Starting with our Foundation Workshops, our goal is always to help the participants create the images that they envision in their mind’s eye.

Below is a listing of the workshops offered at the PCP. The schedule is often dependent on the number of people interested in a particular area at a particular time so please contact us and let us know what workshop(s) you are interested in taking.    


With years of experience teaching photography we and designed  is pleased to offer a new series of workshops that will range from basic photography to complex image making. You’ll find that we do things a little differently in order to create a better learning environment that blends the science of photography with the creative power of your mind. The various categories are listed below so feel free to click around and see what we’ll be offering.

To reserve a spot, please email Henry Rowan at The Center reserves the right to reschedule any workshop if there is insufficient enrollment.




Foundation Workshops




cognative Comp-940



Cognitive Composition






Intermediate and Advanced Topics

Macro in May – Creative Flora Photography







Post Processing







Walkabouts and Photo Journeys