Call For Photography Ends September 19, 2017


OCTOBER 27 – NOVEMBER 12, 2017


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Exhibition Prospectus

If you have been rejected from other shows or your work questioned because you use textures, composites, filters, or any of the other wonderful tools available to create your own vision, then you have found your home! Welcome to TRANSFORMATIONS!

The Pennsylvania Center For Photography is pleased to announce TRANSFORMATIONS, a juried exhibition that pays tribute to the vision and skills of photographers who freely express their creativity by whatever means they choose.

Photographers working in all genres are invited to submit work for possible inclusion in the exhibition. The subject matter can be anything you want – literally! People, places, things, visions are all fine with us.

The only requirements are that the images must be two-dimensional and have started life in a camera. You can modify or create the physical environment, apply in-camera techniques, or use post processing to realize your own artistic reality. We are a very inclusive organization, so any degree of alteration from mild to extreme is welcome in our show.

Two Shows in One!

The TRANSFORMATIONS Exhibition will be comprised of both a traditional print exhibition and a large screen high-resolution digital exhibition. For the purposes of entry, these are functionally two separate exhibitions. (Though, of course, they run concurrently and the theme remains the same.)

Approximately 75 – 100 prints will be selected for the print portion of the exhibition (depending on size) and approximately 50 images will be selected for the digital exhibition, which will run on a continuous loop throughout the show. This dual format was pioneered at our AMERICANA Exhibition and it was very well received by the photographers and public alike. We expect it to be the hallmark for all open call shows at the PCP.

The intent of the digital exhibition is to allow photographers who are too far away to deliver physical prints, or who are otherwise unable to make prints, the opportunity to have their exceptional work recognized and exhibited.

Importantwe will NOT be accepting shipped print entries. If you are too far away to deliver your prints, please enter the Digital Exhibition instead.

You may enter both the print exhibition and the digital exhibition, but separate entry forms are required and separate entry fees apply. 


The judging for both the Print Exhibition and the Digital Exhibition will be done digitally. Thus… only digital submissions will be accepted for judging.

All images submitted for judging should be at least 2000 pixels on the long side and at least 175 DPI. Smaller files may not show your work to its best advantage. All files must be JPGs and are limited to 4 MB in size. It is very strongly suggested that all files entered be saved with an sRGB color space to be assured that the proper colors are being displayed on the judging monitors.

You aren’t required to, but images should be titled, as titling is often beneficial to judges.

All images selected for the exhibition will be represented in a specially created on-line gallery. The gallery will be hosted and promoted on the PCP website for at least two months following the close of the show. If you are accepted into the exhibition, we will request that you resend your selected files in accordance with a detailed specification at the time of acceptance. This will allow us to put together the gallery in a coherent fashion.

All physical artwork must be available for sale. All show sales and sales made after the close of the exhibition through the PCP or via the on-line gallery are subject to a 70/30-commission rate (artist/gallery).

We expect that this will be a visually stunning show with excellent sales potential for the participants. To maximize that potential, everyone accepted into the exhibition will be offered the opportunity to bring two unframed images for display in our print bins. Successful entrants for the Digital Exhibition will be afforded the same opportunity, but please note that the prints will need to be dropped off and picked up in accordance with the same schedule that applies to print entrants. Size and display requirements will be provided to artists accepted into the exhibition.    


The application fee for submitting two (2) images is $25.00. Each additional image is $5.00. If you would like to enter images for jurying in both the print and the digital exhibitions you may do so. However, separate applications and entry fees apply. Entry fees are non-refundable.


We have changed our entry process from previous shows to allow entrants to easily change or add images up to the deadline. The new software system that we are using requires payment as the step prior to the actual submission of images on the application form. The benefit of this system is that we can now allow you to add as many additional images as you want, at the discounted rate – whenever you want. You may also replace an entered image with a new image or an improved version of the original.


The Judge will select images for 1st, 2nd, and one or more Honorable Mention awards in both the Print and Digital competitions. A “People’s Choice” award will also be given to the image that receives the most votes from people who attend the show. Individual winners will be awarded cash prizes, sponsor related products, and/or honorary citations. Cash prizes in total will be a minimum of $500.00 with a First Place Print award of $150.00 and a First Place Digital award of $100.00. Prizes will vary dependent on sponsorship. 

In addition, we are adding two unique awards that will result in the winners being given the opportunity to have a portfolio of images showcased on their own digital display. The Director of the PCP and the Curator of the show will each pick one artist who will be offered the opportunity to have 10 of their images prominently displayed digitally throughout the show. The Director’s Pick and the Curator’s Pick may or may not mirror that of the Judge.


On-line submission starts                                      July 15, 2017

Deadline for entries                                                 September 19, 2017 (11:59 PM PST)

Notification of acceptance                                     September 25, 2016 (approximate)

Dates for hand-delivery of accepted work         October 20, 2017 (5-7PM) – October 21, 2017 (10AM – 2 PM) 

Opening Reception                                                 October 27, 2017 (6-8 PM)

Exhibition Dates                                                      October 27 – November 12, 2016 (Days and Times TBD)     

Pick-up of unsold artwork                                     November 12, 2017 (3-5PM) – November 13, 2017 (5-7PM)



The accepted artwork may not be larger than 24” x 30”, including matting and frame, if applicable. Frameless, hard surface professionally mounted images are acceptable, such as images on acrylic or aluminum. No unframed foam core mounted prints will be admitted.

Note on canvas prints: Canvas prints generally do not display well when shown alongside professional level paper, acrylic, or metal prints and will not be accepted to protect the integrity of the show. 

All artwork must be ready to securely hang with hanging wires installed. This is an absolute requirement and non-negotiable as our walls are 130+ year old plaster and require a specific type of hanger to avoid damage.

The PCP reserves the right to reject any submission that does not meet industry standards for print quality and framing. Any image that is substantially different from the digital version submitted for judging may also be rejected. Please remember that your work will be displayed alongside other exceptional, well-presented images and will be seen by a large number of people visiting the show. To protect and enhance the integrity of the show for the participants and the viewing public, the PCP reserves the right to curate the exhibition in all regards, as it deems appropriate.

All artwork must be hand delivered. We will not accept any shipped pieces. If you know that you will not be able to hand deliver and pick up your artwork, please enter the digital competition.

All artwork must remain on display for the duration of the exhibition and must be picked up in accordance with the established pick-up schedule. To be fair to the viewing public, photographs may not be picked up until the show closes at 3PM on November 20th. Please abide by this requirement and plan accordingly.

Any artwork that is left for more than 30 days from the closing date of the show shall become the property of the PCP and will be sold or disposed of as the PCP sees fit without any compensation due the entrant. We still have prints from past shows and therefore must enforce this rule.  


Submission of work automatically waives any claim for damage or loss against The Pennsylvania Center For Photography (PCP), Henry Rowan, Stephanie Lisle, the officers, members, volunteers, and employees associated with the PCP. The PCP will exercise reasonable care in handling all entries, but will not assume any liability for loss or damage while in the PCP’s possession. The photographer may independently insure work. • Copyright: Each artist retains all copyrights to their own images. • Usage Rights: By submitting images you are giving PCP and Stephanie Lisle the right to use the images for the purpose of marketing the exhibition and for reproduction online. Artists grant the use of their image(s) as stated without further contact or compensation from the PCP or Stephanie Lisle. Artist’s recognition is provided with any use. Submitting artists will be added to the PCP’s and Stephanie Lisle’s email subscriber list. They may opt out at any time. • The PCP reserves the right to adjust any deadline(s) as the result of causes beyond its immediate control. • The PCP reserves the right to reject any image that the exhibition organizers feel is offensive including any image depicting animal cruelty.

Payment of the submission fee indicates acknowledgment and acceptance of all terms and conditions contained in this prospectus.

JUDGE – Christopher John

We are pleased to announce that Christopher John (aka “The Shadowman” in the portrait below) has agreed to be the judge for this year’s TRANSFORMATIONS Exhibition. By trade, Chris is a much sought after portrait photographer in the Pawleys Island / Charleston region of South Carolina where his friendly and outgoing nature are a perfect match for his candid style of photography.

Chris’s upbeat personality also comes through in his fine art images. A graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia, he was experimenting and creating HDR images before HDR was even a style. While always playing and trying new things, Chris is also always the craftsman. He is very detail oriented with many of his images taking over 20 hours to create utilizing compositing and refinement techniques that most of us don’t even know exist. Add to that the fact that he is also a master printer and you’ll see that Chris is a great choice and will be a huge asset to the TRANSFORMATIONS Exhibition.

You can see Chris’s work at: and on Facebook at:

You should also note that Chris runs the Inspired Photographer Facebook group with over 8,000 members. It is a great group to join so please take a look at:  


Henry Rowan   215-989-2630