Portfolio Review

Portfolio Reviews

It doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks about your images as long as you like them. However, sometimes it is very helpful to get constructive feedback and suggestions from an independent, professional voice who understands both the technical and compositional aspects of photography. Our reviews are not intended to be feel good sessions (that’s what friends and significant others are for), but rather we’ll deal with the nuances of your images with the dual goals of offering suggestions to make them better and you a better photographer.

All Portfolio Reviews are one-on-one and are normally conducted at the Center. Good quality prints are always preferred but not a necessary requirement. iPads with the Lightning Connector (latest version) are also fine as we have an HDMI adapter and can show the images on a flat screen TV. Earlier iPads and other tablets or laptops are also fine provided that they have a female HDMI connection or you have an adapter for them. 

Recognizing that some members live quite a distance away, we do remote Portfolio Reviews by either using your website (if applicable) or uploading your images to our website and then reviewing them on the phone together.  

File Preparation

Digital files should be saved at 2000px on the long side, at 240DPI, and in the sRGB color space. (Your pictures may look flat and dark on the web and in programs that display on digital devices if you don’t use sRGB.)


The reviews are one hour in length and cost $85.00. During that time we will review approximately 15-25 images depending on how in-depth the technical discussions get. For reviews lasting more than one hour there is an additional $20 per quarter hour charge.

The pricing is the same for remote Portfolio Reviews. However, there is a $25 set-up charge if you need us to post the images rather than to work off of your website.   

Give us a call at 215-989-2630 or drop us an email to schedule a Portfolio Review.