Exhibition Entry Instruction Page

You may find the information below helpful and we suggest you take a minute to read it. However, if you are in a hurry, just click the Enter Button and you will be whisked away to our Smarter Entry page.

Please remember that the TRANSFORMATIONS Exhibition will have a print component and a digital component. It is important to recognize that the entry process treats them as separate competitions. When you get to the PCP’s Smarter Entry page you will see that we have the two competitions listed that comprise the TRANSFORMATIONS Exhibition, so make sure you choose the one that you are interested in. (You can enter both but separate entry fees apply.) If you have questions, please see the prospectus for an explanation. If you remain baffled, please drop us an email at henryrowan.pcp@gmail.com and we’ll try to clarify any confusion.

The Smarter Entry system that we are using requires that you pay for your entry prior to submitting the images. While this seemed a bit odd to us at first, the system works very smoothly and allows users to pay directly from credit cards without going through PayPal. In addition, the new system lets you add new images and/or change images at any point up until the submission deadline. If you are like many of us, after you submit an image to a competition you end up kicking yourself because you have either come up with a new, even better photograph, or you tweaked the entered image – substantially improving it. In either case, you can now change your image, which is a huge plus for you – and for us, as better images always make for a better show.   

It is a good idea to have your images prepped before you start the submission process. Remember, all images submitted for judging should be at least 2000 pixels on the long side and at 72 DPI. Smaller files may not show your work to its best advantage. All files must be JPGs and are limited to 4 MB in size. It is very strongly suggested that all files entered be saved with an sRGB color space to be assured that the proper colors are being displayed on the judging monitors. You aren’t required to, but images should be titled, as titling is often beneficial to judges.

Thanks for entering… it is going to be a great show!