Welcome to the Pennsylvania Center for Photography. We are a non-profit organization that seeks to promote the art and science of photography in all of its diverse aspects.

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It’s Back!!! 


Call for Photography…  July 15 – September 19, 2017

Exhibition Dates

October 27 – November 12, 2017


An Exhibition of Imagination

The debate about purity in photography is a longstanding one and has a rich history. However, it has reached new levels of voracity as the use of the transformative graphics software has exploded. Many shows, and even more judges, as well as members of the viewing public have been dismissive of photographs whose basic nature has been altered by the photographer in post production. Well, not anymore!

The TRANSFORMATIONS Exhibition was conceived and is designed to be a showcase solely for the exceptional imagery being created by innovative photographers who use all of the tools available to them. Consider TRANSFORMATIONS to be a home base for your imagination. The entry requirements are simple, if your image was born in a camera, and you have created an image that only existed in your mind’s eye, you can enter it. Long or multiple exposures, pans, infrared, or other techniques are just as welcome as images that took hours in post to create.  

However, and just to be clear, throwing a filter or a texture on a bad picture doesn’t make it a work of art. What TRANSFORMATIONS seeks to do is give the many talented artists creating enhanced imagery a venue to have their work seen by people who applaud and respect the creativity involved. Last year’s show was visually stunning and considered by many visitors to be one of the best show on the East Coast. Well, we expect this year’s to be even better and we can’t wait to see everyone’s exceptional images!