Pennsylvania is a big state and it will be several lifetimes before we see the whole of it. Thus, we do accept submissions and welcome suggestions on what we should include. If you are submitting to us you should know the following…

1. We will accept suggestions for inclusion but will not accept submissions of copy or photographs from owners, employees, family members, ad agencies, etc. of a potential Treasure. If we find out that we have been snookered that will result in the immediate transfer of the Treasure to the Blacklisted Category on the site. So far we haven’t had to create that category and hope not to have to do so.

2. We do not pay for submissions.

3. All images and text are juried and only those that receive a unanimous thumbs up get included. When we notify people of a rejection we will not provide a reason. That may seem cold but life is simply easier this way because if we reject all or part of a submission that doesn’t mean the work isn’t good but there could be numerous other reasons for deciding not to use it. To be perfectly frank, we don’t want the headache of trying to explain our reasoning each time.

4. We reserve the right to edit copy and crop photographs and probably will.

5. The first photograph to be used to illustrate a submitted Treasure must be square to provide a good looking thumbnail for the main page.

6. All suggestions and submission should be sent to [email protected] with a clear subject line so we don’t think it is spam. If you send over something with a subject line such as “Have I got one for you!” you are pretty much assured that it won’t ever get opened.