Beth Christman

Beth Christman has lived in southeastern Pennsylvania most of her life and has resided in Montgomery County, PA for over 18 years.  Beth started in photography while in elementary school and even had her own darkroom to develop her early works. She is a self-taught photographer, and continues her education through workshops and local camera club participation. While Beth has always had an interest in photography, her passion and creativity really took off with the purchase of her first digital camera in 2004.  In 2008, Beth co-created Christman Images with her husband, David, to share their visions of  Pennsylvania beauty.  Beth’s images reveal her passion for the history and scenic beauty of Pennsylvania, while David’s show his interest in the various wildlife that reside in the state. Please click here to visit Beth’s personal website or here to visit her blog.  You may also contact her by e-mail [email protected]


The General Store at Hopewell Furance


The Library at Valley Forge


The falls in fall on Ithan Creek


The herd buck


The Brandywine Creek


Autumn on the Brandywine Creek


Valley Creek - Valley Forge National Historical park