Soon to be Added

We’ve been busy and have a number of new entries in progress. Here’s a quick sampling of what will be coming soon.

Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area.


More Ricketts Glen images.


2010 Penn Relay images including Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest human.


Chanticleer Gardens.


Longwood Gardens


The Yuengling Brewery


We’ll also be covering the Devon Horse Show, May 27 – June 6 and hope to do the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum’s 20th Anniversary World War II Weekend in Reading on June 4-5-6.

Also on the agenda is to try to add some of Pennsylvania’s classic racing venues including Maple Grove, a dirt short track, and the big daddy of them all – Pocono Raceway. As an aside, Pocono Raceway is building a solar farm that will handle not only their needs but provide enough extra power for 1,000 homes. Our hats go off to them and we appreciate their commitment to leading the way towards a clean energy future. Hopefully, we will be able to include the solar farm as a Treasure of Pennsylvania in and of itself.

Remember, May 15th will be opening day for the Tinicum Park Polo Club.

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