The Trexlertown Velodrome

The Velodrome in Trexlertown is an absolute hoot. Even if you have never ridden a bike, this is a great place to spend a weekend evening as the facility is world class and the racing is as well. You can get right up to the wall of this 333 meter track or rest your weary bones in the well designed grandstands to watch competitors from around the world.

Photographs by Henry Rowan

If you have never been to a bicycle track race you might want to ask the person next to you if they can explain what is going on. The racing takes on a number of formats, many of which may seem a bit odd to the uninitiated. It all starts to make sense after a bit, once you accept the fact that the riders are completely nuts, and you’ll soon know the difference between a Keirin and a Madison.



The price of admission is low, the food concessions are reasonable, and the beer is cheap, making it a great destination point for families, dating couples, and bike enthusiasts alike. The Velodrome is officially known as the Valley Preferred Cycling Center and is located north of Quakertown and west of Allentown with easy access from the Northeast Extension of the Turnpike and the Route 78 corridor.



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